Sunday 14 May 2017

Nuln Sootstains

Just in time for their last game before being knocked out of the league, the Nuln Sootstains are finally finished.

I posted most of the team before; however I have now replaced the old, tiny positionals with additional new plastic models.
The Nuln Sootstains

As you may be able to see, I have used one of the decals from the teambox (which is not found in the boxed game).
Plastic Ogre
I also picked up the plastic blood bowl ogre. It's a really nice model. I should point out that my ogre was missing a small piece. The round medallion which you put his number on. I replaced the missing part with a bit of drinks can punched out with a hole-puncher. I don't know that most people would notice unless they knew what to look for. I really like the way they managed to get real three dimensional effect on the mouth. The ogre has real space inside his head. Quite impressive for a smallish model.

Coach and Apothecary
I also painted the Coach and Apothecary. I like to use an Apothecary model because it reminds me if I have used my roll or not for this game. I think these models originally were some sort of web only models released as part of the Empire, but they never had rules for Warhammer Fantasy. I picked them up a long time ago. My 'head coach' is clearly more of a wealthy owner rather then anyone with any kind of sporting skill... which may be why the soot stains always lose.

Griff Oberwald
Morg 'n' thorg

I also picked up the newly released resin star players. These Forge World models are just amazingly high quality and a joy to paint. Especially Morg.

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  1. I love watching this team of figurines. Nuln sootstains got out of the game but they were my favorite team.I got sad upon their elimination.